JEWEL FUEL Antique Finish Brass Genie Lamp (Chirag) Showpiece

This small brass genie lamp will surely be liked and admired by your guests. The attractive designs on its surface coupled with the antique finish makes this show piece a desirable one for most homes. You can place it atop your centre, end or console tables and beautify the look of those spaces. For those who love to collect artefacts, this genie lamp will prove to be an absolute must-have. JEWEL FUEL brings to you the best of Indian handicraft products from all around India made by the rural artists. Their classic design and structure makes them a must have art amongst those who love collecting distinct showpieces. Their beautiful design, detailed carving and lovely structure together transform them in to beautiful decoratives.

Dimension: 13 x 7 Cm

Material: Brass

Finish: Antique

Type: Showpiece