JEWEL FUEL Brass Antique Handcrafted Gramophone Showpiece

This Antique Gramophone is Handmade by Our Artisans for your perfect Homes, this is so Aesthetic that you would want this to play songs too with all those nostalgic feelings , but we made it as a showpiece to make those unique spaces in your Homes look beautiful.
The Base is made of Wood and the Horn is made of thin Pure Brass, observing the horn of this product will reveal the quality of the Artisans who made it so sleek that it almost look like Gold.

The height of the product is 23 cm while the Width is 10 cm and the Horn needs to be assembled properly by using a small brass fix funnel which comes with it.

Keep it on your side table, beside your TV or on a Beautiful Wall Shelf, just keep it in front of your eyes and your imagination will find a perfect place for it in your Home.

Because it is made by hands each Gramophone is Unique and made just for your Home.